Call for a € 30,000 grant for research on primary immunodeficiencies.

A new scholarship following the two already awarded last year. It is with pride that LaSpes ONLUS, an association that funds research on rare genetic diseases,

announces the publication of a call for applications for a €30,000 scholarship.

Founded in 2018, LaSpes has the goal of supporting research into the unfortunately vast field of rare genetic diseases: The World Health Organisation has certified over 6,000 of such diseases, including primary immunodeficiencies, which LaSpes deals with.

LaSpes has given priority to supporting young researchers. Indeed, the association’s full name – LaSpes Young people for young researchers – underscores that the commitment to eradicating or limiting rare genetic diseases must also, and above all, be taken on by the younger generations, who have ideals, energy and a future ahead.

Consistently, the new scholarship will be open to candidates who are no more than 35 years old on 30 June 2021. LaSpes’ research focus is to investigate the links between neurological manifestations and DNA-related primary immunodeficiencies.

Applications must be sent by midnight on 30 June 2021 in accordance with the terms outlined in the call for applications (via email to:

The winner will start his/her research within 6 months from the award.

The Scientific Committee of LaSpes, which will evaluate the proposals received, is chaired by Professor Alessandro Aiuti and is composed of Dr. Pia Rivetti di Val Cervo, Dr. Maria Pia Cicalese, Dr. Domenico De Angelis and Dr. Loic Duprè.

Only research can help those who have to deal with primary immunodeficiencies: to date, around 260 are known to result from mutations in over 300 genes.

LaSpes ONLUS will continue to believe in the importance of research and together we will raise public awareness on the primary immunodeficiencies, which are often little known if not ignored.

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