Le Testimonianze

In recent years, research has made great strides in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases of the immune system. However, there are still many primitive immunodeficiencies that we have not yet been able to name because it has not been possible to identify the mutated gene that causes such disease. This is a fundamen tal step to recognize early immunodeficiency, to seek increasingly targeted and personalized care and for genetic counseling.

Francesco was a special patient for us, and before that a special person. His parents were extraordinary in assisting him on the difficult path of many years of illness. Thanks to the wonderful initiative promoted by the LaSpes Organization, it will be possible to support research on primitive immunodeficiencies with scholarships or contracts for young researchers that, with great passion and motivation, push forward the research of these diseases.

Prof. Alessandro Aiuti

Director of the U.O. Pediatric Immunohematology, Full Professor of Pediatrics at the Vita – Salute San Raffaele University and Director of the School of Specialization in Pediatrics, Deputy Director SR-Tiget, Clinical Research Coordinator and Head of the SR-Tiget “Unit of Pathogenesis and Treatment of Primary Immunodeficiencies”.