LaSpes Charity Bingo

This is how … on holiday days, the idea of organizing a virtual bingo to raise funds came about. And in a moment, thanks to the two brilliant auctioneers (Uberto Gattai and Jacopo Sani) and the Net, old and new friends of LaSpes signed up, driven by the idea of helping our scholarships, seeing each other on Zoom and playing a little but for a good purpose.

Up for grabs, delicacies, wines, prosecco and loudspeakers. More than 300 participants with 3 bingo rounds. Laughter, affection and a healthy lightness. Many text messages to compliment the idea and to ask to repeat the appointment. Which LaSpes will certainly do.

And here is a summary video of the wonderful initiative that will make you understand better than 1000 words the passion that all the participants have shown in their commitment to research on rare genetic diseases.